Tom Mulligan was born in Grand Forks, North Dakota. One of ten children, Tom attended St. Alphonsus grade school and high school in Langdon, North Dakota, where he played basketball, baseball and football.

In 1953, Tom left St. John’s University, Minnesota, for the U.S. Army, and served in the Far East with the 82nd Field Artillery Battalion, lst Cavalry Division, until 1955. After playing football in the Army and Phoenix College, he met Maria Teresa de Blas from Caracas, Venezuela while he was finishing his pre-dental program in Phoenix and then married her in 1957 at the end of his first year in dental school. Tom and Teresa have six sons, two daughters, twenty-two grandchildren, and ten great grandchildren.

Tom received his D.D.S. degree from Marquette University in 1960 and was elected to the Omicron Kappa Upsilon Honor Society. After graduation from orthodontics at the University of Indiana in 1962 with an M.S.D. degree, Tom began his orthodontic practice in Phoenix, Arizona, where he has since resided and practiced. It wasn’t long before lecturing soon became an integral part of his life because of his interest and excitement in the area of biomechanics. Tom developed new solutions to old problems as an exciting and integral part of his orthodontic life, which included giving more than 500 lectures and courses throughout the world for over fifty-five years, as well as over eighty University courses in both the U.S. and foreign countries.

In addition to having held numerous offices, both inside and outside of dentistry, Tom served on the St. Joseph’s Hospital Staff for almost 25 years. He has also published twenty-five scientific articles on biomechanics in the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics, as well as numerous articles in both U.S. and foreign journals. His three books on biomechanics have been translated into several languages. In addition, he has produced several audio-cassette albums on mechanics as well as an audio- cassette album discussing the subject of “Investing for Retirement,” designed to help the younger orthodontists prepare for retirement without depending on higher orthodontic fees as retirement age approaches.

His many interests outside of orthodontics have included boating, sailing, flying and jogging. Tom also enjoyed having a commercial pilot’s license and a multi-engine rating as well as an instrument rating. None of these brought nearly the satisfaction as that which came from having a wonderful wife and eight very healthy and successful children.

“Common Sense Mechanics” is a result of his deep belief that “everyone is born with music, but many never discover what their music might be. There can be no greater tragedy in life than for people to take their music to the grave.”
Tom Mulligan hopes he will have left his music behind for others to enjoy when the creator makes his final call.

Curriculum Vitae

Birthplace: Grand Forks, North Dakota
Grade School and High School: Langdon, North Dakota
United States Army (Far East): 1953-1955
Football: U.S. Army (82nd Field Artillery) &
Phoenix College, Phoenix, Arizona
* * * *
St. John’s University (MN) pre-dental
Phoenix College (AZ) pre-dental
Marquette University: 1960 – D.D.S.
Indiana University: 1962 – M.S.D.

Fraternities: Delta Sigma Delta
Omicron Kappa Upsilon, Honor Society
* * * * *
American Dental Association
World Federation of Orthodontists
American Association of Orthodontists
Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists
Arizona State Orthodontic Society
Arizona House of Delegates
Arizona Orthodontic Study Group (First honorary member)
Diplomate of American Board of Orthodontics
College of Diplomates of American Board of Orthodontics
* * * * *
Jarabak Scholar Award
First Robert Strang Award
Mershon Lecture (A.A.O., Honolulu, HI, 2012)
Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists “Award of Merit”
Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists “Portrait of a Professional”
* * * * *
Edward H. Angle Society, Southwest Component (Past President)
SWAP (Sales Persons with a Purpose) (Past President)
St. Joseph’s Hospital Staff – 25 years
Toastmasters (Past President)
Kiwanis (Past President)
Most Holy Trinity Men’s Club (Past President)
Most Holy Trinity (Lector & Money Counter)
Apostles of Good Will (Chairman)
Gabriel Richard Institute (Past President)
* * * * *
Pilot: Private & Commercial License, Multi-Engine Rating,
Instrument Rating (3300 hrs)

Private Practice: Phoenix, Arizona (beginning August 1962)
Lectures/Courses: Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Australia
Office Courses: Phoenix, Arizona (1977 – 2004)
* * * * *
Publications: 16 part series JCO (Sept’79–Dec.’80), 5 part series JCO (Jan ’02-May’02), JCO-Oct.’03, several books “Common Sense Mechanics” in (English, German, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese) including latest edition on “Common Sense Mechanics in Everyday Orthodontics II,” World Journal of Orthodontics ’02, Journal of Orofacial Orthopedics (German) ‘02, several articles in Portuguese, Spanish, and German, contributing author to Nanda’s book on Biomechanics.

Audio-Cassette Albums: “Investing for Your Retirement – Can You Afford to Wait?” and “Common Sense Mechanics.”
* * * * *
Married to Maria Teresa: June 10, 1957
8 Children, 22 Grandchildren,
10 Great-Grandchildren
Dr. Tom Mulligan has practiced orthodontics for 53+ years. He has lectured throughout his entire career and has given over 500 lectures/courses both home and abroad, including three-day office courses in Phoenix for 23 years, as well as four and five-day courses in the U.S. and abroad. His great satisfaction in lecturing is the opportunity to contribute to the future of his colleagues and patients.

Partial List of Lectures & Courses

IX Dental Congress; Hermosillo, Mexico
American Society of Dentistry for Children; New York, NY
Arizona Society of Dentistry for Children; Phoenix, AZ
Southwest Angle Society; Dallas, TX
Edward H. Angle Society (National); Denver, CO
Edward H. Angle Society (National); Lake of the Ozarks, MO
Edward H. Angle Society (National); Tamarron, CO
Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists; San Francisco, CA
Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists; Honolulu, HI
Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists; Los Angeles, CA
Arizona Orthodontic Society; Phoenix, AZ
Tucson Orthodontic Society; Tucson, AZ
Texas Alumni Association; Lakeway, TX
Red River Seminar; Red River, NM
Interamerican Orthodontic Seminar; Mexico City, Mexico
Interamerican Orthodontic Seminar; Acapulco, Mexico
Wiebrecht Study Group; Fort Worth, TX
Mid-Atlantic Society of Orthodontists; Puerto Rico
Mid-Atlantic Society of Orthodontists; Washington, D.C.
High Plains Study Group; Juarez, Mexico
Mexican Association of Orthodontists; Bahia de Kino, Mexico
Georgetown University – Continuing Education; Washington, D.C.
Sonora State Study Group; Bahia de Kino, Mexico
New Jersey Devlin Association; Atlantic City, NJ
Tweed-Strang Association – Eastern Component; New York, NY
Connecticut State Ortho Association(First Annual Strang Award);Farmington, CT
Baylor Continuing Education; Dallas, TX
First Yankee Conference; Boston, MA
University of Colorado – Continuing Education; Denver, CO
Northwestern University Alumni Association; Lake Tahoe, CA
Temple University; Philadelphia, PA
Nebraska State Orthodontic Society; Lincoln, NB
Illinois State Orthodontic Society; Chicago, IL
University of Maryland – Continuing Education; Baltimore, MD
Tufts University Continuing Education; Boston, MA
Montalvo Study Group; San Jose, CA
Bay Orthodontic Study Group; Los Angeles, CA
Great Lakes Association of Orthodontics; Indianapolis, IN
Southern California Angle Society; Pasadena, CA
Illinois Alumni Orthodontic Association; Phoenix, AZ
American Association of Orthodontics; Anaheim, CA
Expanding Horizons Course; Chicago, IL
Expanding Horizons Course; Milwaukee, WI
Expanding Horizons Course; Baltimore, MD
Expanding Horizons Course; Boston, MA
Expanding Horizons Course; San Francisco, CA
Farleigh Dickinson University – Continuing Education; Hackensack, NJ
Loma Linda University – Continuing Education; Loma Linda, CA
Philadelphia Orthodontic Society; Philadelphia, PA
University of Southern California Ortho. Associates; Los Angeles, CA
Utah State Orthodontic Association; Sun Valley, UT
Tidewater Orthodontic Society; Williamsburg, VA
Southern Association of Orthodontists; Atlanta, GA
Midwest Society of Orthodontists; Milwaukee, WI
Columbia University Alumni Association; New York, NY
Greater Pittsburgh Orthodontic Society; Pittsburgh, PA
Quebec Association of Orthodontists; Montreal, Canada
North Carolina State Orthodontic Association; Raleigh, NC
Orthodontists of Northern Germany; Lemgo, Germany
Bioprogressive Study Club; Newport Beach, CA
Northeast Society of Orthodontists; Hartford, CT
Medical College of Virginia; Richmond, VA
Rocky Mountain Society of Orthodontists; Sun Valley, ID
Salespersons with a Purpose (SWAP); Phoenix, AZ
Howard University; Washington, D.C.
United States Military; Rudesheim, Germany
European Orthodontic Society; Bonn, Germany
Orthodontists of Curitiba; Curitiba, Brazil
United States Military (Europe); Berchtesgaden, Germany
Orthodontists of Northern Germany; Lemgo, Germany
University of Wurzburg; Wurzburg, Germany
Eighth District Orthodontic Academy; Buffalo, NY
Toronto Orthodontic Study Club; Toronto, Canada
Southern Society of Orthodontists; Atlanta, GA
Tweed-Strang Association (Eastern Component)-1983; New York, NY
Hawaii Orthodontic Society – 1983; Honolulu, HI
Peninsula Orthodontic Research Group – U.O.P. – 1984; San Francisco, CA
Norway Association of Orthodontists – 1984; Oslo, Norway
University of Connecticut Bi-annual Symposium – 1984; Hartford, CT
American Association of Orthodontists – 1984; Kansas City, KS
Tucson Orthodontic Society – 1984; Tucson, AZ
Pennsylvania State Orthodontic Society – 1985; St. Kitts, West Indies
Univ.of Southern California Alumni Association – 1985;Universal City,CA
Orthodontists of Montreal – 1985; Montreal, Canada
Georgetown Orthodontic Foundation – 1985; Washington, D.C.
Denver Summer Meeting – 1985; Denver, CO
Tyrolean Society of Orthodontists – 1985; Innsbruck, Austria
West Virginia Alumni Association – 1985; Morgantown, WV
Walnut Creek Study Club – 1985; Walnut Creek, CA
Orthodontists of Central America & Panama – 1986; Costa Rica
Florida Society of Orthodontists – 1986; Miami, FL
Puerto Rico Society of Orthodontists – 1986; Puerto Rico
Greater Long Island Meeting – 1986; Long Island, NY
University of Michigan – Continuing Education – 1986; Ann Arbor, MI
Wisconsin State Society of Orthodontists – 1986; Green Bay, WI
First International Dental Congress – 1986; Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Curitiba Orthodontic Study Club – 1986; Curitiba, Brazil
Florida State Orthodontic Society – 1986; Tampa, FL
Medical College of Georgia Alumni Assoc. – 1986; Augusta, GA
French Society of Orthodontists – 1986; Biarritz, France
Northeast Society of Orthodontists – 1986; New York, NY
Univ.of Pennsylvania Anniversary Meeting – 1986; Philadelphia, PA
Toronto Orthodontic Society – 1986; Toronto, Canada
Univ.of Southern California Alumni Association– 1986; Los Angeles, CA
University of Louisville and DENTAC – 1986; Louisville, KY
University of Texas Alumni Association – 1987; Houston, TX
Houston Orthognathic Study Seminar – 1987; Houston, TX
Northwestern University Bi-Annual Meeting – 1987; Chicago, IL
Dental Diagnostic Study Club of Ontario – 1987; Toronto, Canada
Mid-Atlantic Gnathological Study Club – 1987; Lansdale, PA
Straight-Wire Association – 1988; Coronado, CA
Pennsylvania Study Club – 1988; Lebanon, PA
American Ass.of Functional Orthodontists – 1988; Washington, D.C.
Chicago Orthodontic Meeting (G.O.O.D.) – 1988; Chicago, IL
Australian Society of Orthodontists – 1988; Brisbane, Australia
Texas Tweed Society – 1989; San Antonio, TX
University of Missouri at Kansas City – 1989; Kansas City, MO
Continuing Education Course – 1989; Toronto, Canada
Guadalajara Society of Orthodontists – 1989; Morelia, Mexico
Southeastern Society of Pediatric Dentistry – 1989; Atlanta, GA
CSM Course – 1989; Minneapolis, MN
CSM Course – 1989; Los Angeles, CA
CSM Course – 1990; Atlanta, GA
CSM Course – 1990; Chicago, IL
CSM Course – 1990; Washington, D.C.
Orthodontic Society of Spain – 1990; Valencia, Spain
Great Lakes Ass.of Orthodontists – 1990; Colorado Springs, CO
Japan Orthodontic Society – 1990; Nagano, Japan
Northeast Society of Orthodontists – 1990; Montreal, Canada
Walnut Creek Study – 1990; Walnut Creek, CA
Fort Meade – 1990 (Orthodontic Residency Program); Fort Meade, MD
Pacific Orthodontic Symposium (Queen Mary) – 1991; Long Beach, CA
Big Apple Dental Meeting – 1991; White Plains, NY
CSM Course – 1991; San Francisco, CA
CSM Course – 1991; Pittsburgh, PA
CSM Course – 1991; Kansas City, MO
North Central Orthodontic Study Group – 1991; Appleton, WI
National Pediatric Dental Meeting –1991; San Antonio, TX
Farleigh Dickinson Alumni Association –1991; Hackensack, NJ
Edward H. Angle Society – 1991; Sun Valley, ID
I.A.O./A.O.S. International Meeting – 1991; Phoenix, AZ
Walnut Creek Study Club – 1991; Walnut Creek, CA
CSM Course – 1991; Philadelphia, PA
CSM Course – 1991; Minneapolis, MN
CSM Course – 1991; Washington, D.C.
CSM Course – 1991; Nashville, TN
Tucson Orthodontic Society – 1991; Tucson, AZ
Republic of China – 1992; Taipei, Taiwan
CSM Course – 1992; Las Vegas, NV
CSM Course – 1992; Scottsdale, AZ
Northwest Angle Society – 1992; Portland, OR
Academy of Orthodontics – 1992; Dallas, TX
Maine Orthodontic Society – 1992; Kennebunkport, ME
World Orthodontic Symposium – 1992; San Diego, CA
South Carolina State Orthodontic Association – 1992; Hilton Head, SC
Kansas State Orthodontic Association – 1992; Phoenix, AZ
University of Mississippi – 1992; Jackson, MI
Indiana University Alumni Association – 1992; Indianapolis, IN
St. Louis Study Group – 1992; St. Louis, MO
Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists – 1992; Honolulu, HI
University of Oklahoma Alumni & Faculty – 1992; Oklahoma City, OK
Cleveland Society of Orthodontics – 1992; Cleveland, OH
Bioprogressive Study Club – 1992; Newport Beach, CA
University of Kansas City at Missouri – 1993; Kansas City, MO
Omaha Orthodontic Study Club – 1993; Omaha, NE
CSM Course – 1993; Orlando, FL
CSM Course – 1993; San Antonio, TX
CSM Course – 1993; Las Vegas, NV
Pacific Coast Society (Central Component) – 1993; San Francisco, CA
Fort Meade – 1993 (Orthdontic Residency Program); Fort Meade, MD
Sociedad Argentina de Ortodoncia – 1993; Buenos Aires, Argentina
North Central Orthodontic Study Group – 1993; Egg Harbor, WI
Rocky Mountain Society of Orthodontics – 1993; San Diego, CA
Dento-Facial Orthopedics Study Club of Missouri – 1993;Lake of Ozarks, MO
Univ. of Connecticut – Bi-Annual Symposium (Burstone) – 1994;Hartford, CT
Toronto Orthodontic Study Club – 1994; Toronto, Canada
University of Detroit/Mercy – 1994; Detroit, MI
Pacific Coast Orthodontic Consultant Group – 1994; Palm Springs, CA
World Orthodontics Symposium – 1994; Orange County, CA
Moline Study Club – 1994; Moline, IL
Fort Meade – 1994 (Orthodontic Residency Program); Ft. Meade, MD
University of Pittsburgh – 1994; Pittsburgh, PA
St. Louis University – 1994; St. Louis, MO
Inter-American Orthodontic Seminar – 1994; Ixtapa, Mexico
University of Freiburg – 1994; Freiburg, Germany
University of Mississippi – 1995; Jackson, MI
South Florida Orthodontic Academy (Mid-Winter) – 1995; Miami, FL
Pacific Coast Society of Ortho.(Southern Component) – 1995; Burbank, CA
Moline Study Club – 1995; Moline, IL
Illinois Society of Orthodontists – 1995; Chicago, IL
Dutch Orthodontic Study Group – 1995; Utrecht, Holland
American Association of Orthodontists – 1995; San Francisco, CA
German Association of Orthodontists – 1995; Frankfurt, Germany
New York University – 1995; New York, NY
International Dental Congress – 1995; Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Sonora Orthodontic Study Group – 1995; San Carlos, Mexico
P.O.S. Meeting – 1996; Santa Ana, CA
Big Apple Meeting – 1996; Tarrytown, NY
Walnut Creek Study Club – 1996; Walnut Creek, CA
University of Freiburg – 1996; Freiburg, Germany
Academy of G.P. Orthodontics – 1996; Dallas, TX
Kansas Orthodontic Study Group – 1996; Kansas City, MO
XXVII Congress of F.O.C.A.P. – 1996; Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Venezuela Society of Orthodontists – 1997; Caracas, Venezuela
European Specialty Conference (Military) – 1997; Sonthofen, Germany
Kansas Orthodontic Study Club – 1997; Lake of the Ozarks, MO
German Orthodontists – K.F.O.-I.G. – 1997; Frankfurt, Germany
American Academy of Orthodontics – 1997; Chicago, IL
Argentina Society of Orthodontics – 1997; Buenos Aires, Argentina
Columbia Society of Orthodontists – 1997; Bucamaranga, Columbia
National A.A.G.O. Meeting – 1997; Chicago, IL
Porto Alegre Society of Orthodontics – 1997; Porto Alegre, Brazil
Progressive Orthodontic Seminar – 1998; Bilbao, Spain
Progressive Orthodontic Seminar – 1998; Madrid, Spain
New York University – 1998; New York, NY
University of Freiburg – 1998; Freiburg, Germany
Orthodontists of Switzerland – 1998; Lucerne, Switzerland
Orthodontists of Baja – 1998; Bajamar, Mexico
Army/Air Force Orthodontic Residency Program – 1998; San Antonio, TX
AAGO Maxillofacial Seminar – National Meeting – 1999; Phoenix, AZ
International Congress of Dentistry – 1999; Santos, Brazil
Progressive Orthodontic Seminar – 1999; Sydney, Australia
Progressive Orthodontic Seminar – 1999; Melbourne, Australia
German Orthodontists – K.F.O.-I.G. – 1999; Frankfurt, Germany
U.C.L.A. Graduation – 1999; Los Angeles, CA
University of Mississippi – Continuing Education – 1999; Jackson, MS
Southern Association of Orthodontists – 1999; Mobile, AL
Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists – 1999; Phoenix, AZ
Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists (Post Conference) 1999;Sedona, AZ
Lackland AFB–Feb 2000 (Ortho Residency Program);San Antonio,TX
Orthodontists of the Dominican Republic – Feb. 2000; Santo Domingo, D.R.
Progressive Orthodontic Seminar – Mar. 2000; Vienna, Austria
Bronx County Society Big Apple Meeting – Mar. 2000; Tarrytown, NY
Walnut Creek Study Club – June 2000; Walnut Creek, CA
University of Freiburg – October 2000; Freiburg, Germany
U.S.C. Study Group of Europe – November 2000; Paris, France
Chicago Midwinter Meeting – February 2001; Chicago, IL
P.O.S. Course – April 2001; Santa Ana, CA
Walnut Creek. Study Club – April 2001; Walnut Creek, CA
American Association of Orthodontists – May 2001; Toronto, Canada
Study Group of Cologne – May 2001; Cologne, Germany
Study Group of Brussels – May 2001; Brussels, Belgium
Arizona Orthodontic Society – September 2001; Phoenix, AZ
Lackland AFB-March’02(Ortho Residency Program);San Antonio,TX
Study Group of Holland – April 2002; Amsterdam, Holland
Study Group of Vienna – April 2002; Vienna, Austria
American Association of Orthodontists – May 2002; Philadelphia, PA
Study Group in Madrid – May 2002; Madrid, Spain
Study Group in Bilbao – June 2002; Bilbao, Spain
College of Diplomates (CDABO) – July 2002; Tremblant, Canada
St.Louis Univ. Residents & Faculty – August 2002; St. Louis, MO
Pennsylvania Alumni Meeting – Sep 2002; Philadelphia, PA
USC Study Group of Europe – Oct 2002; Paris, France
Walnut Creek Study Club – Nov. 2002; Walnut Creek, CA
Monterrey Association of Orthodontists – January 2003; Monterrey, Mexico
American Association of Orthodontists – May 2003; Maui, HI
American Association of Orthodontists – May 2003; Kauai, HI
American Association of Orthodontists – May 2003; Big Island, HI
Colombia Society of Orthodontists – May 2003; Medellin, Colombia, SA
First World Symposium on Orthodontics – August 2003; San Diego, CA
University of Freiburg – September 2003; Freiburg, Germany
Thailand Association of Orthodontists – December 2003; Bangkok, Thailand
AAGO Maxillofacial Seminar – January 2004; Phoenix, AZ
Lackland AFB–February’04(Ortho Residency Program);San Antonio,TX
Quebec Association of Orthodontists – May 2004; Montreal, Canada
UCLA – June 2004 (Two-Day Course ); Los Angeles, CA
Univ.of Heidelberg – Two-Day Course – July 2004; Heidelberg, Germany
4th National Ortho Congress – Two-Days – August 2004; Manila, Philippines
Ohio State University – Two-Day Course September 2004; Columbus, OH
Walla Walla Study Group – Three-Day Course – October 2004; Walla Walla, WA
San Diego Academy of Orthodontics – October 2004; San Diego, CA
Academy for Orthodontic Excellence – October 2004; Newport Beach, CA
39th Indian Conference – November 2004; Davangere, India
39th Indian Conference – November 2004; Davangere, India
39th Indian Conference–2-Day Post Conf.-Nov’04;Davangere,India
Three-day office courses by Dr. Tom Mulligan from 1976-2004; Phoenix, AZ
AAGO Maxillofacial Seminar – January 2005; Phoenix, AZ
Southwestern Conference – January 2005; Dallas, TX
Austrian Orthodontic Society – March 2005; Kitzbuhel, Austria
Japan – Two-Day Course – April 2005; Fukuoka, Japan
Japan – Two Day Course – April 2005; Tokyo, Japan
American Association of Orthodontics – May 2005; San Francisco, CA
Mexico City – Two-Day Course – June 2005; Mexico City, Mexico
IDEA USA – Four Day Course August 2005; San Francisco, CA
Indiana Univ.(Jarabak Scholar Award)-Two Days-Sep.2005; Indianapolis, IN
American Orthodontic Society October 2005; Nashville, TN
Southern Association of Orthodontists – October 2005; Scottsdale, AZ
Arizona Study Group – November 2005; Phoenix, AZ
Arizona Study Group – January 2006; Phoenix, AZ
American Association Orthodontics – May 2006; Las Vegas, NV
University of Graz – Two-Day Course – May 2006; Graz, Austria
University of Michigan (Jarabak Lecture) – May 2006; Ann Arbor, MI
Kinki-Tokai Ortho.Society – Two-Day Course – June 2006; Osaka, Japan
Tokyo – Two-Day Course – June 2006; Tokyo, Japan
Southwest Angle Society – July 2006; Alyeska, Alaska
German Orthodontic Society DFKO – September 2006; Nuremberg, Germany
IDEA USA – Four Day Course – November 2006; San Francisco, CA
Poland Orthodontic Meeting – Two-Day Course – April 2007; Warsaw, Poland
American Association of Orthodontics (Dr. Lecture) – May 2007; Seattle, WA
University of Ferrara – Two-Day Course – June 2007; Ferrara, Italy
IDEA USA – Four Day Course – October 2007; San Francisco, CA
Universidad de Nacional –Two-Day Course -November 2007; Bogota, Colombia, S.A.
Universities of Baha and Mexicali-Two Day Course-January 2008; Tijuana, Mexico
Big Apple Annual Meeting – March 2008; Mahwah, NJ
Lackland AFB-May 2008 (Ortho Residency Program); San Antonio, TX
American Association of Orthodontics – May 2008 (Dr Lecture); Denver, CO
American Association of Orthodontics – May 2008 (Staff Lecture); Denver, CO
Poland Orthodontic Meeting – Two-Day Course – October 2008; Warsaw, Poland
French Ortho Federation-Opening Session-November 2008; Paris,France
IDEA USA – Four Day Course – November 2008; San Francisco, CA
Arizona Study Group – February 2009; Phoenix, AZ
Baylor University – Two Day Course – April 2009; Dallas, TX
American Association of Orthodontics – May 29, 2009; Boston, MA
Bangkok Orthodontic Meeting – July 29, 30, 31, 2009; Bangkok, Thailand
Montreal Orthodontic Meeting – September 13, 2009; Montreal, Canada
Great Lakes Association of Orthodontics – October 30, 2009; Toronto, Canada
Boston Orthodontic Meeting – January 29, 2010; Boston, MA
Monterrey Orthodontic Meeting – March 3, 4, 2010; Monterrey, Mexico
CSM Four-Day Course – May 12, 13, 14, 15, 2010; Phoenix, AZ
Japanese Ortho Society Annual Meeting–Sep.28, 2010; Yokohama, Japan
Hokkaido University – September 30, 2010; Hokkaido, Japan
Tokyo Orthodontists (Two-Day Course) – October 3, 4, 2010; Tokyo, Japan
Nagasaki University – October 6, 2010; Nagasaki, Japan
Tokoshima University – October 8, 2010; Tokoshima, Japan
Univ.of Nevada (Five-Day Course) – Nov. 15,16,17,18,19, 2010; Henderson, NV
University of Tijuana – December 10, 11, 2010; Tijuana, Mexico
AAGO Maxillofacial Seminar – January 21, 22, 2011; Phoenix, AZ
Indiana Univ. (Two-Day Course) – February 10, 11, 2011; Indianapolis, IN
Singapore Orthodontic Meeting – Mar 19, 20, 2011; Singapore
International Association of Orthodontics – April 9, 2011; Scottsdale, AZ
CSM Four-Day Course – April 27, 28, 29, 30, 2011; Phoenix, AZ
American Asso. of Orthodontics – May 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 2011; Chicago, IL
Medellin Ortho.Meeting (4-Days)–Jul 27-30,2011; Medellin,Colombia,S.A.
Lackland Air Force Base (TORP) – August 8, 2011; San Antonio, TX
Taiwan Orthodontic Meeting – March 10, 11, 2012; Taipei, Taiwan
CSM Four-Day Course – April 11, 12, 13, 14, 2012; Phoenix, AZ
Arizona Orthodontic Study Group – April 16,2012; Phoenix, AZ
Aspiration Seminars- April 20 & 21, 2012; Milwaukee, WI
American Association of Orthodontics (Mershon Lecture) May 7, 2012; Honolulu,HI
Poland Orthodontic Meeting – Two-Day Course – May 18, 19, 2012; Warsaw, Poland
A.T. Still University – June 21, 22, 2012 ; Mesa, AZ
Arizona Orthodontic Study Group – September 17, 2012; Phoenix, AZ
International Assoc.of Ortho-Nov.30,Dec.1,2,2012; Windsor Locks,CT
Big Apple Annual Meeting – March 13, 2013; Mahwah, NJ
International Association of Ortho – April 11-14, 2013; Universal City, CA
American Association of Orthodontics. – May 4, 5, 7, 2013; Philadelphia, PA
Poland Ortho.Meeting-Three-Day Course–May 16, 17,18, 2013; Warsaw,Poland
Texas Alumni Association – June 7, 8, 9, 2013; San Antonio, TX
Academy of GP Orthodontics – August 16, 17, 18, 2013; Chicago, IL
Lackland Air Force Base (TORP) – February 3, 4, 2014; San Antonio, TX
Roseman Univ.of Health Sciences-5 day course-Feb 17-21,2014;Henderson,NV
American Association of Orthodontics – April 25-29, 2014; New Orleans, LA
Polish group of Orthodontists (Private) – May 29, 2014; Phoenix, AZ
CSM Four-Day Course – June 4, 5, 6, 7, 2014; Phoenix, AZ
D.C.Study Club 4-Day Course – August 6, 7, 8, 9, 2014; Reston, VA
CSM Four-Day Course – September 24, 25, 26, 27, 2014; Phoenix, AZ
Univ.of Toronto Ortho Alumni Assoc, Oct.17, 2014;Toronto,Canada
CSM Four-Day Course – February 18, 19, 20 ,21, 2015; Phoenix, AZ
Poland Orthodontic Meeting-Three-Day Course-May 8, 9, 10, 2015, Warsaw, Poland
Roseman Univ.of Health Sciences – 5 day course – Jan 4-8, 2016; Henderson, NV
AAGO Maxillofacial Seminar – January 15, 16, 2016; Phoenix, Arizona
American Association of Orthodontics – April 29-May 3, 2016; Orlando, FL
Poland CSM Course – June 10,11,2016; Warsaw, Poland (cancelled-ISIS/Travel)
South Florida Academy of Orthodontics – September 9, 2016; Fort Lauderdale, FL
Lackland Air Force Base (TORP) – November 17, 18, 2016; San Antonio, TX
Roseman Univ.of Health Sciences-5 day course-Apr 10-14, 2017,Henderson, NV
American Association of Orthodontics – May 7, 2018; Washington, D.C.
Three-Day Course-June 23,24,25,2018; Vienna, Austria (cancelled-ISIS/Travel)